The Pioneer Spirit

This company was founded to be a trail-blazer in a world full of dead-end trails.  I believe in the need for a sustainable business model for retail and the outdoor industry and believe it can be achieved by borrowing what works and re-writing the playbook to fix what does not.

That’s why I show up to work every day – not to re-invent the wheel but to point it in a new and exciting direction.

The company’s name is borrowed from my own heritage and namesake being a part of the four Pioneer Peaks in the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains.wordpresslogo1  Mt. Crocker, named for the man responsible for completing the first transcontinental railroad via the these very mountains, is a double peak whose likeness is associated with our logo.  The “Big Four” completed that rail project because they saw the value of mass transportation connecting the country – and proceeded to put something together that the world had yet to see.  They were pioneers.

In a world now vastly connected via information technology, it becomes rather difficult to see anything but the proscribed pathways to business.  The trouble is many of these pathways are either no longer working or have plenty of failures to go with their successes – and not a one has proven to be a sustainable model that can stand the test of time.

I hope to recreate the industry with smart processes, a new approach to employee productivity, and a business model that can stand for itself and protect the environment.  If you want to become a part of this journey, keep following as we change the world.


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