CV Sports

The first project is always exciting and this one is no different.

CV Sports has been a sporting goods retailer in the Carson Valley area for going on six years.  They opened in 2008, during the difficult recession that hit our country and hit the state of California (and subsequently the snow industry) very hard.  Despite that and the worst drought in modern history, CV is still here and still kicking, spending its time in the past year redefining itself as a mountain authority.  Their work definitely shows and I encourage anyone passing along Highway 395 on their way up to Tahoe or Mammoth to come in and give them a shout.  This team knows their skis and you’d be hard pressed to find a better group of boot fitters from the managers to the janitors.

CV’s history has been rocky (as you might imagine given their opening year) and they’ve carried a number of sports before settling on becoming a tried-and-true mountain shop.  The community has the need for an outdoor retailer that caters to those that love the mountains and its for this reason that I’ve elected to devote most of my time developing them.  It truly is a great story in the making and I can’t wait to see this thing grow into something the outdoor industry can beam about.

I can’t recommend this place enough and cordially invite any and all to visit one of their three locations.  The flagship retail shop is in Carson while there are two other locations in Stateline, NV – the non-California side of Tahoe.  One in Harvey’s casino that is a beautiful little boutique shop with a killer rental fleet and one at the top of Kingsbury grade at Daggett Summit that gets you in and out with your rental in record time so you can hit the better sides of Heavenly.

The owner has a very strong connection to animals and is a dog-lover with a huge heart.  Look up the “Animal Coalition of Tahoe” and know that one of the guys that started that owns and runs CV Sports.  Nearly every employee has a dog and their more than welcome to come in and spend some time in the store – and sniff around my and any other staff members’ dogs that happen to come to work that day.

Its been a short time here but I’ve already found some of the best people in northern Nevada and they all spend their working hours at CV.  Looking forward to updating everyone after the busy holiday season!



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